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Are You Trying To Fall Pregnant

been trying to fall pregnant
been trying to fall pregnant

There are so many women in the world who have difficulty in falling pregnant. If you are one of those people, especially if you are trying for years, you are most probably going through feelings of despair, frustration or sadness. When you walk in the malls and you see the parents and children together, you might feel that envy or sadness inside you. You are wondering why that is not meant for you. You long so to have a baby. Each month when you get your menstrual period, you feel that frustration again. When people ask you when are you falling pregnant, you are feeling upset or despondent. Those are all natural feelings.

There are a few factors that might cause you not to fall pregnant. It could be that your lifestyle is too hectic. You and your spouse are too busy and don’t have much time to relax. There is also stress that plays a role. Stress can cause hormonal imbalances. Smoking is another reason. Yes, I said smoking, because too much nicotine can cause the sperm cells to die sooner. It is also important for both spouses to quit smoking when the husbands sperm count is low. Too much coffee and the use of drugs are also factors. Medical problems are sometimes ignored. Consult with your caregiver to clarify your health status and any lifestyle changes you need to make.
When you are trying to fall pregnant, your priority should be to prepare your body. Your body needs the right nutrition to be able to conceive. Drink lots of water instead of coffee. Eat healthy foods. Add more leafy greens in your diet. There are certain foods that can cause you to be less fertile. Check if your weight is in balance. Should you gain or lose weight? Do some exercise even if it is a walk for 20 minutes daily. Try and create an ideal environment so that healthy eggs can be produced.
To fall pregnant, you should know your cycle. You have to work out your ovulation date. Ovulation takes place 14 days from the first day of your menstrual period. That is when the eggs are released from the ovary. The female egg is only available for a short period of time. You become more fertile  4 days before you ovulate. You are most fertile on day prior to the day you ovulate. I would say that you should have sex
 around your ovulation date. Relax and don’t stress about falling pregnant at this time.
Choosing to become a parent is maybe one of the most important decisions you can make. Do whatever you can to make that possible. It is a wonder from God. Remember, a prayer can change many things. Listen to good advice from others, but don’t let others intimidate you. Read books on pregnancy so that you can learn more. Find out which supplements you should take to help boost fertility, but be careful. What could work for someone else might be harmful to you. 
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