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Identify Potential Health Hazards Taking Pictures Of Black Mold

black mold in house
black mold in house
You go to that hallway closet to find something stored away long ago. Once opening the door, you are hit with an overwhelming musty-like smell. When you turn the light on, you notice a bunch of black marks in one corner of the ceiling. Since you are not sure, but you probably have an idea. You snap several pictures of black mold to get a positive identification before deciding how to proceed.
Once you have pictures of black mold, there are several choices you can make to identify the condition you found. Your suspicion is that these are pictures of black mold since you do know that a musty smell is an indication black mold may be present. You also know that black mold thrives in a humid, dark atmosphere which seems to be the setting you have found in this seldom used closet. It might be the site where rain has seeped in from the roof helping the growth of black mold since it does need moisture, darkness and humidity to thrive and grow.
You can take your pictures of black mold to your local health department to get a professional assessment. Some municipalities are equipped with building inspectors where you can take your pictures of black mold for verification. Or, you can consult with a building contractor who can examine your pictures of black mold to verify the situation. Many building contractors are either equipped or can advise you on the proper methods for mold removal.
Another popular choice today is to compare your pictures of black mold taken in your home with ones found on the Internet. There are many websites dedicated to providing information about black mold and the dangers it presents to anyone living in the home. Here, you can compare your pictures of black mold to images uploaded on these sites to determine if you have the same threatening condition in your home.
If verified, you will need to act quite quickly to prevent any debilitating, adverse health situations that the presence of black mold may cause. There are several symptoms associated with the effects of black mold present in the home. One of the most common signs is when household members begin suffering from dry and itchy skin. You pictures of black mold may indicate a growth stage that has an effect upon the entire family. If you and your loved ones are also coughing and suffering from shortness of breath, you may be suffering from the adverse effects of black mold present. Fatigue and stomach cramping also are symptoms.
Your pictures of black mold may not appear as dramatic as the ones viewed on the Internet. These sites are typically designed to get you to react when viewing overly dramatic pictures of black mold. These extreme images indicate unchecked growth of black mold and might show photos of black mold darkening an entire white wall turning it black. Other pictures of black mold found on the Internet will show how the growth has taken over the entire house. These are presented to scare you, and they should.
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