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Ways To Treat Cellulite

how to minimize cellulite
how to minimize cellulite
Salt and  particular sodium contained in it are some of the main allies of cellulite. This mineral is in fact one of the many factors that can increase water retention in the body. In a woman who suffers from cellulite that disorder is already accentuated due to the impaired venous system and lymphatic.
For this reason, it is important to take food diet by avoiding diuretic ones, like salt, that promote retention.
Limit your sodium intake with food is after all easy, just take a few simple precautions: do not add salt dishes use little salt while cooking (when making get pasta, for example, to add salt to already finished cooking; This reduces considerably the amount of salt absorbed by the pasta) limit your consumption of foods that are preserved under salt or transformed (sausages, cheeses, chips etc.). Limit your consumption of packaged foods to enhance the flavor of foods with spices, traditional vinegar or lemon/balsamic vinegar if you like fruit can be consumed in place of savoury snacks as a snack.
Recommended foods that have very little sodium and potassium, favouring fluid drainage.
Dried Apricot,Baked Mushrooms,White Beans, Peas, Prunes, Raisins Sunflower Seeds, Potatoes Broccoli,Fresh Mushrooms, Red meat.Oatmeal, Rice, Turkey, Apples, Onions
However you must remember that the sodium is an essential mineral for the body and an excessive deficit although difficult to achieve with the normal power, could have major side effects (nausea, muscle cramps, fatigue, mental apathy).
Not recommended foods
smoked, grilled or fried foods, sweets, fatty meats and cheeses, meats, spirits, pizza (especially with cured meats or cheeses) and sausages. All these foods, of course, should not disappear completely from your diet but be consumed in moderation.
Sometimes in the diet, as well as in life, you need a relaxing break, a tear to the rule could give new physical and mental energies. Even when battling cellulite can happen similar moments, especially during the weekend. To limit the damage, you may want to follow a purifying diet
Exercise and physical activity takes important role,alone equivalent or even superior to all dietary advice given so far. Some physical activities are in fact able to reduce cellulite  due to increased oxidation of fats for energy purposes, both thanks to an improvement of the micro circulation. More generally, the sport has the big advantage of improving the efficiency of the entire organism by promoting micro circulation at the level of muscle regions involved.
To maximize the results and to encourage the reduction of cellulite it is important to observe some rules. First of all we recommend an aerobic sport like a long walk, a swim or a nice ride at moderate pace. You should avoid too intense activities such as weightlifting, running and spinning. WALK, DON’T RUN: the repeated impacts with the ground caused by the action of running, as well  have adverse negative effects on the joints and spine. In addition, physical activity carried out at too high intensity leads to the formation of lactic acid.
This metabolite is an ally of cellulite, because training muscle toxins has negative effects on circulation and tissue oxygenation. For this reason spinning two hours per week at high intensity are not only unnecessary but counterproductive.
Keep sitting on the saddle for an hour in fact hampers the movement of the buttocks, one of the parts most affected by cellulite ; In addition, the high intensity of exercise leads to the accumulation of lactic acid with all just seen adverse consequences.
It is therefore recommended to carry out long-term activities such as cycling, fast walking or step. The benefits of this training programme are varied: physical activity regular (at least 30-40 minutes per day) leads to a general improvement of the cardiovascular and respiratory capacity by encouraging peripheral circulation.This makes it possible to defeat the poor circulation that represents the biggest risk factor for the development of cellulite.
 To be defined regular physical activity must be carried out for at least three days a week.
Finally, it may be useful to follow a general toning program that involves the use of natural load exercises, isotonic equipment or free weights depending on the experience and preferences of the subject. Even in these cases it is important not to overdo it, using light loads for a number of repetitions that, albeit not excessively high, become tired muscle.
At the end of the sitting, stretching combined with breathing control exercises performed with legs aloft promotes venous return and the elimination of produced toxins .
 Diet and physical activity described in this article, along with beauty treatments and a general improvement of the lifestyle, are surely able to defeat and prevent cellulite formation. Having regard to the gravity of the problem it is important, however, to use these weapons at the same time. Only in this way, you can get a clear improvement, not only aesthetic, but also physical and psychological.
Both in terms of diet and physical activity, it is necessary to proceed gradually. An excessive weight loss or rapid muscle deterioration can highlight even more the hated cellulite.
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