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Top factors which make your child overweight

childhood obesity
childhood obesity
Childhood obesity has become one of the common factors in the world and that is why, seeing overweight children have become pretty regular these days. There are certain factors which are making these children fat and overweight and here, you will come to know about some of them hopefully, this one will be able to help you quite a lot. The factors that you need to know about being:

  • The first and foremost thing that you need to know about is eating high calorie food regularly. Children these days are more inclined to eat things such as the vending machines foods and snacks. They are not only fond of chocolates anymore, they are having milkshakes, soft drinks, fries, pizzas, candies and desserts and all these food items contain a lot of sugar and fat and that is why, these children are gaining more and more weight these days.
  • Another important reason behind the overweight children is lack of exercise. Most of the children these days are not so prone to outdoor games. They have their computers and their Play stations and they love to spend their time in front of these machines playing their favorite video games while gobbling up some more food and drinking all those sugary drinks which are not at all healthy for them. Watching various interesting things on the television is also contributing hugely into this problem 
  • It may sound a tad predictable, but studies have proved that the family history has a long way into the overweight children which may lead to higher chances of Obesity. For instance, you need to know that, if the child comes from a family of overweight people, then he or she is bound to gain weight. It is because of the fact that, in such families normally a lot of high calorie food is available all the time and along with that, any sort of physical exercise is not at all encouraged.
  • There is a huge impact and effect of psychological factor in the fact that children these days are gaining more weight, if you are wondering how that is possible, then you need to know that, problems like divorces and bullying is growing fast and most of the children take refuge of the food in order to cope with the problems they are having. They tend to overeat to cope with the situation and in almost all of the cases, the food they choose are those sugary drinks and high calorie foods which will increase their weight invariably.
  • Loads of families tend to buy foods which are convenient to make or just needed to be put in the microwave instead of making fresh foods. This is not a very healthy habit and that is why, children get to eat things like cookies, chips and soft drink and gain weight. 
  • Loads of families opt for food which is cheaper and this way, they tend to save some money, cookies and microwave prepared foods are normally cheaper but they tend to wreck havoc with the kid’s life and are making them overweight.
  • Sometimes children also develop a habit of having junk food whenever they go out. This habit if not prevented at the initial child may affect the nuisance of obesity
  • Beside this parent and grandparents due to lack of knowledge feels that the child is not becoming healthy and growing rather not developing properly at the age starting from 1 year to 8 years approx. At that age the according to doctors is the perfect time for mental development rather than physical. But mothers and grandparents being too much affection opt for health drinks. Most of the health drinks are fortified with fats and contain too much calories. This makes the child to grow but at the same time it makes overweight and over healthy. Continuing this procedure the child continues to develop obesity at the young age. 
  • Another reason that can also lead to obesity and at a very tender age is untimely eating habits. Not taking proper meal at the proper time and thus developing improper food habits. Time is the most important factor for developing proper food habits. Food habits help them to develop properly.
Thus, obesity is alarming at present, so parents need to be more conscious. They need to be more careful in developing the food habits of their child. They might consult any pediatrician if necessary or any child specialist. They can help the parents in developing good food habit from the young age while maintaining proper timing. Parents also need to understand their nature and their different food habit. Therefore, proper care should be taken at the tender age when they are developing or growing up.               
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