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Trampoline Training

Trampoline training
Trampoline training

If you`re trying to find an exercise regimen that combines fun with fitness, how about trying a trampoline workout? Whether you`re a novice at physical fitness or an extreme sports participant, trampoline training can offer a fitness training regimen that`s fun, safe and effective

According to a 2006 NASA study, trampoline training is 68 percent more effective in maintaining fitness than traditional types of exercise such as treadmills. For this reason, returning NASA astronauts use trampoline training to help them rebuild the muscle and bone mass that they lose while undergoing weightlessness in space.
Trampoline training is a highly effective type of aerobic exercise that can help you burn fat and shed those unwanted pounds. A trampoline will also give your muscles a great workout by offering stretching, flexibility and resistance training.
Here are some of the benefits you can get from using a trampoline:
Repetitive motion training:The repetitive movements on a trampoline, as well as the bouncing and jumping action, will help you build your arm and leg muscles. In addition, the repetitive jumping action provides a great way to burn calories.
Aerobic exercise: Jumping on a trampoline creates an effective aerobic exercise that will get your blood pumping and increase your blood flow for healthy circulation. A trampoline workout will also raise your metabolism and increase your heart rate.
Endurance training: With a trampoline, you can participate in endurance training in a fun, effective, low impact way. The repetitive jumping will help you build your endurance and strengthen your heart and you won`t feel as winded as you do while running.
Stretching: Trampoline training offers a highly effective way to stretch and tone all of the important muscles of the body.
Trampoline Training for Beginners
If you`re a novice at exercising, or if you`re not physically able to participate in a strenuous workout, a trampoline can provide you with a low impact, highly enjoyable method of exercising that gives you everything you need to stay fit.
Before getting on the trampoline, it`s a good idea to warm up first by stretching for at least five minutes. You can do this by sitting on the floor and stretching out your arms and legs and flexing your feet, then relaxing them. After you`ve stretched, it also helps to lightly jog in place for a few minutes to get your blood circulating and your feet moving.
After your warm-up, here are a few simple exercises you can try on your trampoline:
Basic Health Bounce
Standing in the center, put your feet slightly apart and gently bounce while keeping your feet in place and touching the trampoline. This is an ideal trampoline warm-up for beginners.
Walking in Place
After the basic bounce, you can progress by lifting your heels in a walking motion, making sure to keep your toes on the trampoline. Swing your arms gently in rhythm to your walking movements.
Tone Bouncing
Stay in the same position and make small jumps, raising your feet about an inch off the trampoline. Start gently, then work your way to higher and higher jumps for an even more effective workout.
Fitness Bouncing
Staying in the center of the trampoline, jog gently in place, bringing your knees up as high as possible. The goal is to raise your knees to hip level, if possible. Make sure to swing your arms along with the jogging movements of your legs.
Jumping Jacks
Once you`re comfortable on the trampoline, try a few jumping jacks, executing them exactly as you normally would while standing on the floor. Make sure to carefully gauge where your feet land so that you won`t get too far off-center. Take this exercise slowly at first until you build up your rhythm and comfort level.
If you want to progress on the trampoline, consider investing in a trampoline training DVD. These are available for all skill levels and can effectively help you improve your coordination and balance as you develop new, entertaining trampoline techniques.
Trampoline Training for Advanced Athletes
Many of the world`s best athletes participate in a regular regimen of trampoline workouts. Trampoline training can be especially helpful for advanced athletes such as snowboarders, skateboarders and skiers, as the jumps help them to recreate the sensation of being completely weightless and airborne. By using a trampoline, these athletes can perfect twists, somersaults and other airborne techniques in a controlled, safe environment, especially during the off-season when it`s difficult for them to replicate the airborne movements of their sport. For athletes who participate in board sports, there are even specialty boards that are designed to be used in cross-training with trampolines.
Whether you`re looking at Trampoline Pad Shop or other sources for training supplies, you`re sure to find a wide variety of indoor trampolines, DVDs and other workout accessories to help you get started on a regular trampoline routine. Trampoline training is fun, safe and one of the healthiest ways to exercise and best of all, you`ll start feeling the benefits after only a few workouts.
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