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Workin’ Workout

Burn calories in your office
Burn calories in your office
In any office there is a high probability that several members are currently following some kind of weight loss regime. Everyone has heard someone in work claim that they have lost weight on some form of fad diet but these are not healthy and hard to sustain. A healthy regime may involve eating healthier or regularly visiting a gym but is there anything that can be done to help you burn a few calories or keep active whilst in work? Many office jobs require employees to remain seated for extended periods of time and although your ergonomic chair may be helping your posture it does not factor in the human bodies need for movement.
As you will already know going for a walk during a break or lunch hour is going to be beneficial to staying active but did you know that you can make a number of small alterations to they way that you conduct your office work which will all ‘add up’ to a larger change.
Instead of emailing various colleagues around the office take a quick walk over to see if you can resolve your problem, this will not only burn a few calories and exercise those joints but it should hopefully strengthen any bonds within the workplace. It is proven that humans interact better in a face to face situation so visiting an employee,you get on with, at their desk, may improve your day. If the employee works on a different floor take the stairs not the elevator, walking up and down the stairs several times throughout working hours can potentially burn hundreds of calories every week.
Water Dispenser
As with the above a few trips to a water dispenser can not only get you up from your desk it may aid in a number of other ways. Drinking water instead of coffees and teas will reduce calorie and caffeine intake, it can help to flush out the body and may keep you feeling fuller preventing those pesky trips to the vending machine.
This can be done at your desk or in your cubicle. If you feel your body tightening up don’t hesitate reach above your head and stretch hold each stretch for 10-15 seconds, this can be repeated several times throughout the day. It is also advisable to stand up every now and again and stretch out those legs. Stretching not only alleviates cramps but if done on a regular basis has been proven to increase the range of motion and blood flow in a specific area.
There are a number of exercises that can be completed at your desk that if done throughout the day should aid in not only keeping active but also burning a few calories and hopefully provide a little bit of toning in those problem areas.
Arms, Back and Shoulders (Requires a chair with wheels)
Whilst seated, grip your desk with both hands, shoulder width apart and position yourself so that your chair is pulled into the desk and your back is straight. Slowly push out with your arms until your facing your knees and your head is in-between your arms, by this time your arms should be almost fully extended. When reaching this point begin to pull yourself back in to your starting position using only your arms and repeat 10-15 times.
Arms, Chest (Desk push-ups)
Stand up and place both hands on your desk roughly shoulder width apart so that your chest is facing towards your desk. Take a few steps away from your desk so that your body is at an angle and your weight should be on your arms and chest. Slowly lower yourself towards your desk until your elbows are at roughly a 90 degree angle. When reaching this point use your arms and chest to power yourself back up to your starting position. This can be repeated between 10-15 times although if you feel you can do more I’m not going to stop you!
Whilst seated lift one leg about an inch or 2 off your chair (keep the other foot planted on the ground), slowly straighten out your raised leg until fully extended and hold for 3 seconds. Lower your leg so that it rests back at a 90 degree angle pause for 3 seconds and repeat. It is advisable to do this 10-15 times with each leg.
This is the one you can do anonymously. Squeeze your buttocks as tight as possible then hold and hold some more then relax. The magic behind this exercise is that it can be done as many times as you wish throughout the day. By tensing your buttocks you may also be working your core muscles such as your abdominals.
Author Bio; Adam Howard – Atrium Legal
Atrium give advice to prevent work illness and injury. Their workers’ blog looks at many health issues that affect people in their job, providing information and offering legal assistance if needed. They cover areas such as hearing loss, stress, injury, asbestos related illness, rights, sleep and much much more.
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