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Do You Have To Be A Saint to Shift That Weight?

how to lose those extra pounds
how to lose those extra pounds
Losing weight can sometimes be a hit or miss affair. There are so many diets and measurements of whether we are overweight, or even obese. Everyone seems to have a theory about what we should be cutting out of our diet and, in the end, a lot of us just give up in confusion. But how to lose those extra pounds is not actually that much of a mystery. What we need is an easy to understand program which tells us exactly how much and what kinds of food we need to eat. Otherwise, we might be eating too much or missing key nutrients, which is not good for us at all.
A Healthy Approach to Losing weight 
In this day and age, there’s so much pressure to look slim and with so many diets and eating plans to choose from it can be difficult for those of us who would like to lose a few pounds to know where to start. Finding a good, easy to follow eating plan is possibly the most important step anyone can take to successful weight loss, but just how do you find the right one?
Different Diets and Plans
There are a plethora of diets around these days and it’s not a new concept. It’s as if there’s something new to try every day if we’re to believe celebrity magazines and websites. Diets such as the Cambridge Diet which was so popular back in the 1980’s, the Atkins Diet, a Hollywood favourite during the past couple of decades, or the cayenne pepper drink fad all promise fantastic weight loss, but they all seem to quickly vanish without trace. This is because they rely on tricks to make the body work in a different way and as soon as you stop the diet, the weight just piles back on again. To function properly, our bodies need a good balance of nutrients, and sustained weight loss can only happen when a safe, healthy eating plan is followed. There are some excellent eating plans around which instead of promising the quick fix of a diet, teach you how to eat healthily instead. Weightwatchers and Saints and Slimmers are both good in that they help you to change the way you eat instead of offering you a faddy diet which soon fails. 
Saints and Slimmers diet meals and  structured nutritional plans are built around a unique range of health products and foods, that has a growing community of followers and dieters. You can formulate a personal diet program based on your Body Mass Indicator and basic metabolic rate. Knowing this piece of information,  they calculate precisely how many calories you need to consume based around how active your lifestyle is. Then, you can easily choose from a range of snacks and dinners, and have them delivered directly to your home. You’ll soon be shedding weight and enjoying delicious dishes at the same time.
The system that Saints and Slimmers uses expects to result in about 1kg of weight loss per week. That’s a safe, achievable target, rather than adopting a harsh crash diet which can be dangerous. And that system is based around BMI, which is still the gold standard for weight measurement, giving it a firm scientific basis. BMI has attracted some critics, who charge that dividing weight by height fails to account for muscle mass, leading to some fit people being labelled “overweight” and vice versa. But by and large, BMI can detect whether you are seriously overweight. And by using it alongside the resting metabolic rate – which is the amount of energy that you consume at rest – Saints and Slimmers actually enhances the validity of BMI.
With a structured diet plan, losing weight is systematic, but it is also fun and convenient. By using the website, you can work out delicious meal routines that provide all the nutrients you need. After calculating your calorie regime, you can slip a chocolate muffin into a properly formulated daily plan, or have a bag of pretzel chips to hand for when you really need a tasty snack. Enjoy specially cooked ready meals, and take advantage of discounts by buying for the week ahead. 
Planning meals is one of the hardest things to do when taking up a weight-loss diet. Being disciplined and still getting enough nutrients is far from simple, but this framework allows you to plan ahead and offers a scientifically based means of setting your dietary routine.  Instead of bland foods, you can have tasty treats and be sure that you are staying within your own weight-loss guidelines. This takes out much of the uncertainty attached to popular diets. You don’t always know what to eat or whether a dish is appropriate, so sometimes you slip up, and it’s a horrible feeling to see the scales show a lapse. All of that confusion is removed so getting your  weight trending downwards is no longer an uphill struggle.
Avery is an experienced personal trainer and dietician for 14 wholesome years with a BMI to envy and a ‘6 pack like corrugated iron’ that just can’t be bought.  Collaborating with SaintsandSlimmers mealsand the growing dieting community, offers nutritional advice and weight loss plans to a range clients. 
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