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Don’t Let Sinus Problems Cause Your Child Pain

child sinus problems

It’s more than just a bout of the sniffles.

Clearly, because it hasn’t been just one bout.
This has been a recurring thing, and your child clearly isn’t doing well. The chronic sinus infections have kept him or her out of school, ruined many opportunities to have play dates with friends – and aren’t doing favors for your life either.
What’s more, now other issues are starting to arise. Your child never had a history of ear infections, but all of a sudden, they’ve had two in the past three months. Same thing for throat problems – it seems like there’s someone in there running up and down the insides of their throat with a garden rake.
Though this has owned your life for a while, this doesn’t have to be a problem any longer. At least you don’t have to let it be one. With this, an ear, nose and throat surgeon can help.
Surgery Isn’t Always the Solution
Talking to an ear, nose and throat surgeon might be scary to you – especially when they’re talking about your kids. Understandably so. They are, after all, your kids. But when mulling over the possibility of talking to an ear, nose and throat surgeon about your child, it’s worth remembering, surgery doesn’t have to be the only option.
In fact, oftentimes, an ear, nose and throat surgeon will have non-surgical options up his sleeve.Sometimes, surgery is necessary, and it’s the only way to restore the quality of life of your child – and you and your family. But there are plenty of cases where, even if it’s a possibility, it’s not the primary option. Still, you need to find out, and the only way to do that is by scheduling an appointment.
Surgery Might Be the Only Fix
Of course, when you do check in with the doctor, it might be concluded that surgery is the only way to address the problem. Ear, nose and throat problems are tricky, seeing as each individual cavity is so tough to get to. This sometimes allows problems to hide from non-surgical procedures, sort of like a fish does in a coral reef.
What’s more, if the problem has already started growing to other structures, it might be time to get it addressed before a more serious issue arises.
As mentioned before, nobody – especially not an ear, nose and throat doctor – is going to try to push you into a procedure that your child doesn’t need to have. Doctors are only going to be there to help you and your child.
But sometimes – and this is a fact you may need to learn to accept – the only way to let them help you is by stopping in for a visit.
You Have To Know Your Options
Maybe the most important message here is that you have to know what you’re dealing with. What type of sinus problem are we talking about? Is it treatable through non-surgical procedures? Is surgery needed? If so, what kind?
What’s more, it needs to be determined whether the problem has begun to grow legs – or how quickly it will. Has it already started spilling into the ear and throat? If not, how much longer do you have to try to work the problem out through other means before that happens?
Many people are averse to seeing doctors, because they’re simply scared. For you, you’re probably terrified because this isn’t about you – it’s about your child.
This is totally understandable. But even if you have to force yourself, consulting a doctor is an absolute must.
Dr. Michael Barakate is a paediatric and adult otolaryngologist located in Sydney, Australia.  For more information on ENT surgery and ENT disorders, visit
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