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Lichen Planus And Lichen Simplex Chronicus Skin Conditions

Lichen planus

lichens planusLichen planus is a skin condition of scratchy, irritated, reddish-purplish scaled areas and flat topped protrusions on the skin. The reason for lichen planus is not recognized. It may be the autoimmune reaction to your own tissues, perhaps triggered with a preceding virus -like infection or perhaps the initial intake of a medication. Lichen planus disappears on its own within up to two-thirds of individuals after a year. Nevertheless, in some individuals, it may continue for a long time. Lichen planus most often happens in the actual 30-60 year old age bracket. No way of preventing lichen planus is famous at this time. Staying away from certain medicines may decrease flare-ups in somebody with this condition. Lesions on your skin associated with lichen planus that continue may from time to time be related to hair loss and end nail reduction. Lichen planus is not infectious and presents no dangers to others. In the event that symptoms of the actual lichen planus are moderate, no therapy is usually necessary because it is expected to progressively clear up with time.
Signs of lichen planus can include: red, scaly sections or even flat capped bumps around the wrists, back and legs, intense itchiness lace-like white skin lesions in the mouth area or around the mucosal surfaces from the genitals can happen; sometimes they are painful, lichen planus lesions often appear in regions of scratching or any other skin injuries. A thorough background and physical study of the skin and also the mouth area is suggested. The actual distinctive look of the skin as well as mouth skin lesions may verify lichen planus. A biopsy from the lesion might be done if required.
The skin lesions of lichen planus might clear up totally with therapy. Recurrence associated with lichen planus is likely whenever medication is stopped. Also, the amount and intensity varies with every occurrence. Rapport between lichen planus and squamous cell malignancy continues to be suspected by a few experts, however it is unsure. Another skin ailment, lichen sclerosis, is part of dangerous skin cancers 4 to 5 % of the time. Lichen planus is actually monitored along with physical evaluation at normal intervals.
Lichen Simplex Chronicus


Lichen simplex chronicus a skin condition is seen as a chronic itchiness, inflammation as well as thickening of the leading layer of your skin. Lichen simplex chronicus probably starts with a minor discomfort of the skin, resulting in the person to rub or even scratch the region. This leads to thickening of your skin. The thickened pores and skin itches, causing much more scratching and much more thickening.
Lichen simplex chronicus may appear anyplace on our bodies however is most typical on the back of the throat, lower legs, as well as genital area. In the early phases, the skin appears typical, however it itches. Later, dry skin, scaling, as well as thick darkish patches create on account of the actual scratching as well as rubbing.
Lichen simplex chronicus is frequently noticed in grownups. It may start with a minor skin irritation, resulting in the person to scratch the region. Dryness of your skin makes the itchiness worse. Mental factors, for example depression and anxiety, are likely involved. The problem isn’t allergic.
To avoid lichen simplex chronicus, you have to stop the itchiness cycle through not itching and skin rubbing. When the skin is actually dry, hydrate it to lessen itch. Maintain short fingernails to prevent stress to the pores and skin. Control of tension and other psychological conditions might be useful in preventing this disorder. Detecting lichen simplex chronicus is dependent on the look of the skin, along with a history of persistent itching as well as scratching. Your skin lesions associated with lichen simplex chronicus may continue for years and therefore are at risk of supplementary infection as well as scarring.
Management of lichen simplex chronicus might include: an epidermis emollient to dampen skin and lower itching, topical ointment corticosteroid cream or even ointment to lessen itching as well as inflammation, corticosteroid shots into the affected region of pores and skin to lessen itchiness and irritation, antibiotics in the event that secondary pores and skin infection exists keeping finger nails short to avoid trauma towards the skin through inadvertent itching, occlusive dressing, which provides coverage for the included skin totally, to totally avoid the person scratching, antihistamines to alleviate the itchiness sedatives as well as tranquilizers to reduce anxiety, anti-depressants, if there is a psychological element of the problem, counseling, tension management, or even behavior customization.
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