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The Foods That Provide an Instant Energy Boost

In the hectic and exhausting life of today, everyone wishes for a magic potion that can somehow give them super strength to go through the day and perform the daily chores efficiently. The fact being that there is no magic potion, the only solution left for us is to stay high on energy levels to go through the day.

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The only reason we feel dull, lethargic and unable to perform our chores with enthusiasm is because our body gets fatigued and exhausted due to low energy. Therefore, the need is to find ways to restore the energy and keep it at a higher level. Food is the primary source of energy, however, some foods may provide more energy compared to others. The lines below give the rapid energy providing foods.
The most common energy booster available and generally consumed is caffeine. The foods that are rich in caffeine include tea, chocolate, coffee and energy drinks. Caffeine is the major ingredient in all the healthy and natural energy drinks and foods. The way caffeine works is by stimulating the central nervous system which results in increased alertness. The energy boost provided by caffeine lasts for about six hours. However, beware of the fact that as caffeine increases alertness therefore, drinking it before going to bed may cause problems in sleeping.
Sugar is perhaps the simplest of all the foods that can give you an instant temporary energy boost. Foods like brown sugar, honey, glucose, sucralose, and fructose corn syrup all give you energy boost. Whenever the level of sugar in the blood goes down, a person starts feeling fatigued and therefore, consuming foods that contain sugar can help normalize the blood sugar levels, thus constant energy. The body breaks down the sugar found in foods and then supplies it to the muscles through blood. However, the fact that you need to keep in mind is that the sugar that comes from simple sugar sources such as sodas, candy and juices, is broken down quickly by the body therefore, after a while you feel low in energy again. Therefore, for longer energy provision opt for foods that contain complex sugar compounds such as fruits, whole foods and breads.
Fruits with Fats:
Compared to simple sugar foods, fruits when combined with a little fat provide energy that is sustainable for a long period of time. For instance, nuts have both proteins and fat in them that helps stabilize the sugar attained from fruits. Therefore, try eating a banana with nuts like almond to give you an energy boost that would be more long lasting compared to a chocolate bar.
Vitamin C:
Foods that are rich in vitamin C are also good for energy purposes. Foods like orange juice, strawberries, and broccoli help in increasing the energy levels. The reason why vitamin C is beneficial for energy provision purpose is because of the role it plays in production of carnitine. It is a molecule that helps the body burn fat for the purpose of energy. Therefore, in a way vitamin C offers dual benefits, firstly it helps provide energy, and secondly it helps burn fat which is of great benefit pertaining to weight loss. 
Energy Bars:
Energy bars come as the instant solution to low energy levels for athletes in general and for athletes who exercise for more than an hour in particular. Energy bars contain various combinations of fats, sugar and protein that provide an almost ideal amount of energy to help athletes strive for better.
Ginseng Tea:
One of the major renowned sources of antioxidants known across the globe for its content and the help it provides in boosting energy is ginseng. Because of its antioxidant content that fights the effects of harmful free radicals, the body is able to get more energy and perform optimally. The most common way of consumption of ginseng is using it in the form of tea. You can use fresh or dried ginseng for making tea. Besides the antioxidants, the other way ginseng can help conserve and attain more energy is by keeping you calm. Therefore, whenever you require an energy boost or after the workout you feel down in energy, consuming ginseng tea can provide you the required energy boost.
In short, energy is the magic potion you require to go through the tough day. The more energetic you are, the more will you be able to perform things with optimal effectiveness and efficiency. Therefore, take help from the foods mentioned above and enjoy an enthusiastic full of energy day and always be at the prime of your performance.
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