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5 Best Hospitals In America

Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston
Each year World Survey and US News conduct a profound survey evaluating 5,000 hospitals nationwide. And only 0.4 percent of those have chances to get into the annual ranking of the Best Hospitals of America. When evaluating a clinic, the Survey focuses on the most vital factors which include:

  • mortality index;
  • patient safety;
  • employees’ qualification;
  • advanced equipment;
  • quality of nursing staff;
  • overall reputation among patients and doctors, etc.

The main target of the Survey isn’t just to define the best hospitals, but also to improve the overall state of medical care nationwide. Such rankings help point out and fix actual mistakes and thus improve nation’s health. All American clinics strive to get into the list, but only the most advanced can be added to it. So, let’s look closer at the top 5 of the 2012-2013 World Survey and US News ranking:
#1 Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston (Gets 30 points having 16 Specialties)
This hospital has the most qualified staff in the field of psychiatry, diabetes and endocrine disorders. It has an excellent reputation for treating severe mental health disorders. Perhaps, the low mortality index of the Boston’s Hospital is partly explained by the specifics of their main specialty (only a very small percent of patients can die as a result of mental health issue treatment).
#2 Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore (Gets 30 points having 15 Specialties)
This hospital is always in the top of the ranking (it has been number one for more than a decade!). And this can be easily justified: they have the best (score=100%) urology, ear, nose and throat departments in the US. While their neurology and neurosurgery get 98.4%.
#3 Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota (Gets 28 points having 15 Specialties)
Mayo clinic is popular worldwide. It is one of the most reliable sources of modern medical knowledge. This clinic conducts numerous researches each year, and gladly shares the results with the public. Their most successful programs are: digestive disorders, diabetes, neurology/neurosurgery and orthopedics.

#4 Cleveland Clinic, Ohio (Gets 27 points having 14 Specialties)

This clinic has one of the best Heart departments in the US. Their ranking is impressive, since cardiology implies probably the most dangerous and complicated procedures. Cleveland Clinic has also got high scores in rheumatology, urology and digestive disorders.
#5 ,Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, Los Angeles (Get 20 points having 13 Specialties)
The city’s sunny climate is the perfect place for a great geriatric department (#1 in the USA). Other top specialties are: ophthalmology, rheumatology and psychiatry.
Not only do such rankings help Americans decide on where to go to get the safest and most effective treatment, but they also spur healthy competition that leads to better scores annually. However, although there’s always a great choice of both private and public hospitals, many Americans switch towards non-traditional medical approaches (this is applied primarily to the light health issues). For instance, the number of those who use neti pots to treat nasal problems has increased rapidly over the last decade. You can get a better idea about this yoga practice here
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