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Summer 2013: Are you ready for it?

summer 2013
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Since summer only comes once a year, this is the time when ladies and gentlemen grab their skintight swimsuits to show off their paid hard work. There are also some who are just starting to prepare their physique for this season. If you are one of these ladies and gents who’s just started working out a month late for summer but still feels that he or she is not getting the immediate exercise he/she needs then there’s no need to worry a thing. Simply because there are still lots of ways to cut on weight even if you are running a little late on preps. 
Now, most people settle for crash dieting, which is never advised by health professionals because it requires you to limit your daily food intake to 800-1000 calories only per day. This kind of dieting is dangerous to your health most especially because it limits your nutrients making your body weaker, and causing your energy become lower. Never settle for this kind of diet. There are still a list of ways and tips to have that summer body you’ve always wanted. So, what are the things you should do to avoid this kind of cramming? Here are some ways and tips for a healthy hot summer body:
Food lover 
Instead of cutting on carbs and your other favourite munchies, why not try to still have your regular eating habit without cutting anything and rely on dietary supplements that will help your metabolism rate faster? For example, this SVETOL Green Coffee dietary supplement can not only raise your metabolism but also help you prevent constipation, having a healthy digestive system and a flatter stomach is the way to go. These supplements will absolutely make you lose weight 2x faster than a regular diet without dietary supplements.
Fit and Toned
Not everyone is a fan of sweat. Sometimes it gets too tiring and a little time consuming when you exercise. But if we would be able to look at the big picture, getting fit and maintaining regular exercise will not only provide you a smashing summer body but can also be a huge factor for extending your life. Research says that the people who usually reached the 80’s are the ones who have regular exercises in their lives. Also who wouldn’t want to have a boost of confidence when you have a great body? It will make it easier for people to see that you have a positive outlook in life, choosing to be healthy and fit.
Did you know that when you lack the right amount of sleep it can and it will gain you weight?  Shocking isn’t it? According to research, when the human body is sleeping especially between 9pm-4am it is the time when our metabolism doubles and our cells are in active stage where cells regenerate themselves.  And when our metabolism doubles we are able to burn fat faster causing us to lose some weight than sleep deprivation.
So if you are still wondering if these tips will help your body make it to summer, better start on these tips right now. The clock is ticking and you better hurry if you want to achieve the goal you want to flaunt in the beach. But keep in mind to avoid too much alcohol while partying on the beach, limit your intake, as it is also an unhealthy way for your body. And eventually those calories will make your tummy bloat up. So better watch out on those drinks while partying. Other than that, have an amazing summer and make it a memorable one!
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Clarise Tan is currently writing for SweetSweat.Com. A certified lover of SVETOL Green Coffee as it helps me stay fit and energized even when spending most of my time indoors sketching and writing stories & poems.
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