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Hitting The Soprano Note On Hair Loss

Hair Loss

It is when you watch movies like the Sopranos or any movie done by Danny Devito that you get a clear feel of baldness and its complexities. It is not a bad thing and yet it is. There are people who will proudly wear their baldness, while others will be so ashamed they will try everything to get their hair to grow back.
Society has a lot to do with how people feel with how they look and you can imagine there are bad things said to bald people. If you are one of those people who do not embrace your baldness, you are in for a treat, there are things you should know about baldness, well, myths actually but none of them are bad.
This article also looks at how to treat hair loss and avoid it especially if you are a woman. There are tips and information that will tell you more about your appearance and positivity about how you look. This article starts a search for understanding; what causes hair loss?
Causes of hair loss
The most important thing in anyone’s life is understanding why things happen and why you are the way you are. If this is you, then you are in the right pace. This is the article to read. The statistics show that almost 95% of men in the world are exposed and prone to baldness caused by androgenic alopecia.
Most of them will experience a receding hairline or a crown. There is a probability of genes being part of it; basically, if you have a male relative who is bald, the chances that you will be bald is high.
Apart from the genes, there are other causes of balding, they include:
  • Childhood trauma or other unfathomed occurrences such as poisoning or surgical procedures can lead to loss of hair. Stress or depression is also a major cause of hair loss in a condition identified scientifically as Telogen effluvium where the hair becomes thin or falls off. This condition is also caused by going through chemotherapy.
  • Childbirth can lead to hormonal imbalance where the mothers can loss hair for some time but after the balance is attained, the conditions are back to normal and the hair grows back.
  • Alopecia is a condition where people who fashion their hair by pulling it backwards or having it in cornrows loose hair on the sides of the head. Other causes of this kind of hair loss are caused by rough brushing and using the hot iron, which makes the hair light and weak. It falls off.
  • There is also a form of depression known as Trichotillomania, that causes the patient to compulsively pull their hair out, bend it and after sometime, the hair is lost completely.
How to deal with it
Hair loss that is not genetic can be quite a pain for many people, they have gotten used to hair and it would be devastating to lose hair when all along you have had it. The thing is many people will notice when they start losing hair, for others, the hairdresser will inform them of the thin hair or hair that is falling off. There are many remedies to deal with hair loss, these include:
  • Massaging your scalp – This massage stimulates circulation of blood on your scalp and therefore motivating the hair follicles to grow by having oxygen from the blood on the hair roots to improve the conditions for hair growth.
  • Use of oil treatments to treat hair loss – Oils such as olive oil, canola oil, and coconut oil are warmed to a certain temperature and put on the scalp and left there for some time to settle then you wash it off routinely.
  • Meditation will help you to reduce amounts of stress that cause hair loss or lead to the manic depression that causes loss of air.
  • The use of antioxidants removes unwanted impurities from the blood systems that boost hair growth.
Myths about balding
Here is the kicker, man with androgenic alopecia are rumored to have a high level of testosterone the male hormone responsible for human features and this means that because they do not have a lot of hair, these man have an insatiable libido.
The other myth says that these men have a lucky streak when it comes to investing and making money. They are also known to be very smart. Most of these myths have not been researched on so take it with a pinch of salt!
Penelope Jones is a skin care expert at Laser Medical Centre, which offers various skin care treatments to clients across the country. Reading and experimenting with cooking are a few of her favorite things to do.

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