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Learn How Spices & Herbs Can Protect Your Skin Effectively

cinnamonOur spices are much more useful than simply adding to the taste of your food. We adore sipping on a cup of hot tea prepared with fresh basil leaves and ginger, on a cold winter morning. A dash of oregano in your favorite pasta or sprinkling black pepper on freshly prepared scrambled eggs, most definitely make your food more delicious! However, hardly do we give it a thought that these magical herbs benefit our skin immensely. Here are some of the most common yet useful herbs and spices that are a boon to our health and skin.


This powerful herb is strong in its taste and smell, and is considered to be an anti depressant. Ginger is very effective in curing headaches too. Besides this ginger juice can soothe irritated eyes and cleanse it. Ginger is very strong in killing bacteria and is also a natural blood thinner. It stimulates the body to perspire which in turn enhances the glow if your skin.


Having a cup of freshly brewed tea with basil most certainly boosts your mood at any time of the day, especially in the morning. Apart from its refreshing taste, consuming basil stops bacteria formation in your body, increases resistance and boosts immunity. A paste prepared from fresh basil leaves is also quite effective in treating acne and its regular consumption can reduce the chances of skin cancer.


Cinnamon powder mixed in tea, coffee, puddings and other desserts is a treat to your tongue. You simply relish its exotic flavor. However, the awesome benefits it provides include increased metabolism that stimulates fat burn. Cinnamon is anti inflammatory, which means it can be used in curing dermatitis. Soak cinnamon sticks overnight and grind them into a fine paste in the morning. Apply on the itchy or scaly parts of your skin, mainly which are troubled by inflammation.


Mint has been known to cure heat strokes. Mint water is often recommended to people who are suffering from dehydration. These are some of the common uses of mint which almost everyone knows. But what you might not be aware of is the brilliant fact that mint could be used to prepare a fantastic face pack for instant glow! Make a fine paste of mint leaves using a bit of rose water. Let it remain thick and saturated, do not dilute too much. Apply on a clean face, neck and hands. Leave it for 15 minutes. Then rinse off with cold water.


Cloves are effective in curing a chill and severe headache. Consuming cloves in tea or broth is also very useful in preventing any kind of respiratory infection. Clove oil is massaged on body parts which are troubled by acute pain. Apart from this, you can keep your skin healthy and free from inflammation by using this wonderful spice. A tip – for instant healing of pimples, try using a bit of clove paste on them.



Fenugreek seeds and leaves both are effective in curing gastric disturbances. They impose digestion and lower bad cholesterol level in the body when consumed in your food. Besides this, fenugreek can also be used externally on hair. Soak some fenugreek seeds overnight and grind them into a fine paste on the following morning. Mix the paste with some yogurt and apply on your hair like a pack. This makes hair strong and enhances volume.

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