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Chronic Bronchitis

Chronic Bronchitis Definition Chronic bronchitis is a disease characterized by coughing and expectoration during the course of three months per year, at least two years in a row. Classification of the disease According to the clinical picture, respectively the symptoms, chronic bronchitis is divided into the chronic un-obstructive bronchitis, chronic obstructive bronchitis, and chronic bronchitis …

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Beetroot is a natural vault of various vitamins, minerals, indigestible fibers, and phytochemicals. 100 grams of fresh beetroot contains only 36 calories, which makes it a low- fat, easily digestible esculent which is rich in valuable nutrients. Here, you can find out which diseases beetroot protects you from. Beetroot is especially rich in minerals: potassium, …

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Desire for health and longevity encourage us to strive for the ideal diet, physical activity, and changing our bad habits. Therefore, various benevolent suggestions are adopted, with more or less success. Variety of criteria – possible choice When we talk about an adequate diet, sufficient intake of nutrients, and immune system, we cannot disregard the …

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