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Pasta In Weight Loss Diet

pasta and weight loss
pasta and weight loss

General information about pasta
Alimentary pasta is a typical Italian product. This is a food whose production is tightly regulated and differentiated for different market quality.The most consumed pasta is the dry pasta.Industrial dry pasta must contain only granulated or semolina durum wheat flour, otherwise it is in the category of special pastes. They represent an independent category and come from the use of other ingredients such as eggs (for the egg pasta), cuttlefish, spinach and fillings of all kinds etc. Among the special pastes we also recognize some diet foods such as gluten-free pasta, pasta for diabetics and wholemeal pasta.
Does pasta make us fat or slim?
Pasta is not a proper food for the sedentary man. This statement, although painful, is the result of a much more reasoned and profound consideration than the latest banal and fashion dietary concepts. To be clear, what I am going to describe concerns only those who, for one reason or another, work many hours  on positions without many physical activities and do not practice sports, therefore have a sedentary lifestyle. The same concept is not the same for the people who do sports and/or work particularly strenuous and therefore can afford eating the pasta with greater freedom.
When the pasta makes you fat?
The pasta is a highly energetic food and rich in carbohydrates.Consider that, in an AVERAGE diet, a serving of pasta (80 g) with one tablespoon of oil (10 g) and a little cheese (10 g) brings about 415kcal — up to 20-25% of overall demand. In addition, these weights refer to DESIRABLE and balanced portions, far more modest than those normally consumed. Ultimately, with a high caloric intake and a glycemic index (GI) medium-high, the pasta is easy to handle food in the context of a slimming diet.
However, it is worth mentioning that, as usually, it is the dose that makes the poison! This means that even a person with sedentary lifestyle can consume a portion of pasta without getting fat,  if  doesn’t exceed the real body  energy needs .
How can I lose weight by eating pasta?
Consumption of pasta is allowed to all healthy subjects (non-diabetic) and even in a low-calorie diet. 
Here are some tips how to eat pasta when you are on low-calorie diet:

  • Eat pasta at most 3 times a week and never exceed 60-70 g of pasta per serving
  • Consume the pasta only once during the day and never at dinner
  • Always try  to use pasta topping poor in fat and richer  in soluble dietary fibre (remember that even the vegetables contain calories)
  • Prefer  special pasta type, like pasta for diabetics (fiber-rich, low-calorie and with low glycemic index)
  • Prefer pasta  with lower glycemic index
  • Eat pasta especially on days of increased physical movement
  • Avoid consuming bread and potatoes with pasta regardless of  overall energy intake.

By following the above directions, even individuals with sedentary lifestyle can consume the pasta without the fear of getting fat, but those overweight (with some more nutritional calculation) can put it in the low-calorie diet  for weight loss without negative effects on their diet plan.
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