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You Won’t Believe The Results Body Contouring Offers

Body contouring is a simple, non-invasive procedure that offers younger, more youthful looking skin without the expense or risks associated with surgical procedures. The treatment is a great alternative to surgery that delivers beautiful results. The procedure uses the technology of multi-polar radio frequency and pulses magnetic fields to penetrate the skin deeply through multiple layers, delivering amazing results. In comparison to other treatments, this one is one of the most affordable and simple procedures available. The treatment may be a good choice for someone looking for a dramatic difference in the way they look without the cost associated. The procedure could be a viable option for someone with less money to spend on treatments. Patients who are hesitant to undergo invasive surgery may be more comfortable with this treatment as well.
Before-After Contouring
Before-After Contouring

How Does It Work?
Heat is used on the skin to disperse frequencies and magnetic fields throughout the skin’s layers. Since the heat is dispersed evenly throughout the skin, thesurface and surrounding tissue is not harmed during the process. The procedure is also pain-free with no discomfort to patients. Patients will not have to use painkillers, anesthetic creams or cooling gels during or after the treatment. Noticeable results are also obtained much more quickly than with alternative treatments. This treatment would be especially beneficial to someone who is looking for quick results. Patients who have little time for recovery or who do not want to share the fact that they’ve undergone surgical treatments with family and friends could benefit from the procedure.
How It Helps
Body contouring makes patients look younger and more youthful. Patients will notice a tightening of the skin, a reduction of wrinkles and a firming of saggy and droopy areas. Patients will also notice that they look more physically fit. Most patients notice a reduction in cellulite, especially on cellulite prone areas including the buttocks and thighs. Many of the unflattering bulges, rolls and pouches patients complain about on their body will disappear after several treatments.
This treatment is especially beneficial to older patients who are starting to notice the signs of aging or who have complaints about their body type and shape. Many patients will notice a remarkable difference without the telltale signs of more drastic procedures including scarring and skin irritation. For those who dislike certain problem areas of their body, the treatment can be useful in contouring those areas to create a more flattering silhouette. Thanks to body contouring, most patients can attain a body that is more youthful and beautiful with simple, affordable treatments that are pain-free. Schedule an appointment for this treatment today at Skin Vitality to take advantage of the many benefits the treatment has to offer.
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