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Vitamin Supplements: The Key to Long Lasting Health and Wellness

Vitamin supplements are usually embraced by people who value their body and want to provide it with the right nutrients. Since a normal diet is usually unable to provide your body with its daily nutritional requirements, multivitamin supplements become compulsory for the proper functioning of your body.
food rich in vitamins

In order to understand the benefits of vitamin supplements, you should know exactly what they are. According to the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act, dietary supplements are products whose goal is to supplement the food that you eat, thanks to their dietary ingredients consisting in vitamins, herbs, minerals, amino acids, etc. These multivitamin supplements are available on the market under the form of tablets, capsules, liquid form or pills, and are always labeled accordingly.
People who consume multivitamin supplements prevent their bodies from lacking both minerals and vitamins. This happens because most multivitamin supplements include more than 100 different vitamins, bringing countless benefits. In case you’re planning to turn to vitamin supplements, you should know this is one of the best choices you could make. Your body will regain its strength, and your health will improve remarkably.
Improve mental and physical conditions
Once your daily intake of multivitamin supplement is followed, you mental and physical health will improve significantly. Multivitamin supplements play a major role in promoting overall wellbeing and in improving the body’s general functions. Nevertheless, make sure that you mention your individual requirements to the doctor. For example, multivitamin supplements recommended to individuals who suffer from heart diseases need to include CoQ10.
Prevent deficiency
Your body cannot function without 13 crucial vitamins. Therefore, vitamins such as A, C, B, D, K, E and B12 should definitely be included in these supplements, as the human body cannot function without them. Vitamin A for instance, is known for supporting bone growth and vision, while vitamin E is beneficial to the immune system and has the ability to repair your DNA. If one of these vitamins is found in low levels, you run the risk of developing serious health complications. That’s why multivitamin supplements are recommended to all categories of people: they lower the risk of developing illnesses, while they also prevent potential deficiencies.
However, supplements cannot fill the voids created by unhealthy diets, and they’re not strong enough to replace nutrients found in whole grains, vegetables and fresh fruits. Consider taking a dietary supplement only if you want to use them as a safeguard measure.
Reduce stress
If you want to reduce stress, multivitamin supplements are your best allies. Generally, stressed individuals don’t pay attention to their nutritional requirements and health. Hence, vitamin supplements become compulsory in their case, as they’re the only ones that can help these people decrease their stress levels and preserve their health.
Personal circumstances
Believe it or not, personal circumstances can also be handled easier thanks to multivitamin supplements, whose role is to prevent both vitamin and nutrient deficiencies. For example, pregnant women should take multivitamin supplements in the first trimester, in order to make sure that both the baby and the mother receive sufficient nutrition. When it comes to pregnant women, multivitamin supplements can decrease the risk of transmitting malnutrition from mother to baby. However, they’re also beneficial to people who smoke, drink, or simply want to postpone the aging process.
vitamins and pregnancy
Smart supplementation
As you probably know, the verb “to supplement” means to add something. When it comes to dietary supplements, they’re added to an ordinary diet, to a prescription, or to a therapy designed to treat a certain medical condition. However, vitamin regimens or herb supplements do not have the power to treat medical conditions and health problems. Besides, some of them can even harm your health, especially when combined with different medications.
For example, calcium is not recommended to people who already take heart medicines or diuretics, while magnesium is known for interacting with cancer drugs and with several diuretics. Also, avoid taking vitamin K if you’re already under medication with blood thinners such as Coumadin.

Since the current market is crowded with all types of supplements, you should make sure that the one you choose is supported by solid scientific research. Besides, make sure that the supplement doesn’t interact with other medication that you take, and check to see whether it’s affordable and whether you have gathered enough information about it.
Stay away from the risks
Dietary supplements can involve several risks under certain circumstances. That’s why you should consult your GP before purchasing any of them, especially if you’re breast feeding, pregnant, or suffering from conditions such as heart disease, hypertension or diabetes. Even though multivitamin supplements are considered to be safe for children, a GP should be consulted before administering them to your child. 
Last but not least, make sure you purchase only high-quality multivitamin supplements, whose ingredients are mentioned on the bottle.
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